How the Body Knows Its Mind with Sian Beilock


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I interview Sian Beilock. Sian has an incredible resume that includes President of Barnard College, Award winning Cognitive Scientist, PhD in both kinesiology and psychology, Ted Speaker, and author of two books, “How the Body Knows Its Mind” and “Choked.” I first heard Sian’s name when I was introduced to her book in the Training Think Tank book club community. I was quickly impressed by her writing and research and I had to learn more. Dr. Beilock has made incredible impressions on every platforms she’s been on and it was an honor to chat with her about her two books. If


-How athletes can leverage their bodies to impact their minds during pre-game

-The role of body language and facial expressions

-Visualization tactics

-Why acting is more effective for long-term learning

-Why do we choke?

-Tactical ways to avoid choking in big moments

-Stereotyping and its role in performance

-Favorite take aways from both books

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