How to Break Through Your Training Plateaus with Jacob Hutton


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I interview Jacob Hutton. Jacob is a former division 1 football player, college strength coach, and CrossFit Games athlete. Jacob has recently found a passion in being an entrepreneur and helping businesses grow to their maximum potential. This guy has spend thousands of hours in the gym and has learned a ton along the way.

During his career as a CrossFit athlete, Jacob put up some jaw dropping numbers in the weight room and on the track. Benching over 400 pounds, running a sub 5:30 mile, and being able to do the splits are just a few things that make Jacob a specimen. If you love talking about strength training, finding the right program, and learning how to improve your diet for muscle gain, then this episode is for you.


-The process of getting to be a college strength coach

-Common misconceptions about strength development

-How to get stronger at a CF gym

-How to add significant weight to your bench press and deadlift

-Do’s and Don’t for running 6 week challenges at your gym

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