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This week on The MiFit Podcast I interview Love Coach, Annie Lalla. Annie has a deep passion for helping singles and couples fall in love and have the best relationship of their life. I first came across Annie’s name when listening to my friends Michael and Adee Cazayoux. After hearing their praises and also listening to Annie on The Brute Strength Podcast, I was eager to learn more from her. I always find joy talking with people who are extremely passionate about their work and you can tell in the first few moments of listening to Annie that she is living her purpose in this life. Whether you are single and looking for love, or have been married for 25 years, there is something in this episode for you and I know you’re going to love it!


-What does it mean to be a cartographer of love?

-How to find a romantic relationship when you’re single

-What are the most important relationship non-negotiables?

-How to get your partner to live a healthy lifestyle

-Best tips on resolving conflict with your partner

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