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This week on The MiFit Podcast I interview CrossFit O.G, Matt Dellavalle, widely known as MDV. Matt started his coaching career back in 2010 with CrossFit New England. After competing at the CrossFit Games on team CFNE, Matt began coaching at Reebok CrossFit One, and then joined the CrossFit seminar staff. Currently, MDV is the CFO at NC Fit where he works alongside Jason Khalipa in northern California. Matt has been in the coaching game for over a decade and has learned a lot along the way. As a person who enjoys coaching and programming as much as I do, it was refreshing to hear from somebody who has been in my shoes and understand some of the ins and the outs of my job in the gym. If you are a coach, gym owner, or a fan of CrossFit, you will love this conversation.


-Lessons learned from being surrounded by some of the best coaches in the country

-4 ways to create an excellent member experience

-Should you score your workouts?

You can follow what Matt’s up to at the following links

IG @ mdv_nc


Podcast “The Business of Fitness Podcast”

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