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This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with mobility king, Dr. Kelly Starrett. Kelly is a man of many hats including coach, speaker, author, physical therapist, gym owner, and CEO of The Ready State. Kelly is an icon in the sport of CrossFit and his mission is to give people the knowledge to relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. Starrett has worked with athletes and olympians in every sport you can possibly imagine. Most of you may recognize Kelly from his garage videos where he pioneered the idea of using bands, lacrosse balls, and basic home items to improve range of motion and help eliminate pain. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge and it was an honor to be able to share this platform with him.


-How we need to view pain

-What to do when you get injured?

-What movements are most important for the aging athlete?

-Mastering the basics before moving to complexity

-Biggest take away from COVID-19 season

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IG @thereadystate

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