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This week on the show I interview one of the biggest experts in the sports and conditioning industry, Mike Boyle. Mike has been coaching athletes for 38 years and has worked for the Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and several US Women’s Hockey teams. Mike is a wealth of knowledge and loves to chat about all things training. If you are a personal trainer, group fitness coach, or have kids growing up playing sports, you are sure to find value and some laughs in this episode.

Topics of discussion:

-Being an open minded coach

-25 years, 25 mistakes

-Core Training done properly

-Progressing plyometrics

-The joint-by-joint approach

Follow Mike and learn more about his business at the following

IG @michael_boyle1959

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6ZKZgHDEoMUSsS62SC68A

Website: https://www.bodybyboyle.com

and https://www.strengthcoach.com

Article “25 years, 25 Mistakes” https://mikereinold.com/michael-boyles-25-mistakes-in-25-years/

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