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This week on the MiFit Podcast I am joined by Julie Foucher. Julie was a 4x CrossFit Games competitor and never finished outside of the top 5. She also spent time on the seminar staff traveling all around the world teaching movement and the methodology of CrossFit. Since competing, Julie has worked her way towards being a family physician as well as build her brand Pursuing Health. Julie also finds time in her busy schedule to grow her own podcast called Pursuing Health Podcast where the interviews high level athletes, coaches, and medical professionals in the field.

Julie was and continues to be a fan favorite from the way she carries herself in the spotlight and also in her career as a doctor. It was an incredible honor to have her on the show today and this episode is truly one of my favorite ones yet.


-Reflecting on the injury at 2015 regionals

-5 Pillars of health

-Nutrition: Quality vs. Quantity, Health vs. Performance

-Staggering obesity statistics

-Finding a practitioner that aligns with your values

-Functional Medicine

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IG @juliefoucher

Podcast: Pursuing Health Podcast

Website: https://pursuing-health.com

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