The Secret to Improving Recovery, Reaction Time, and Longevity with Dr. Allison Brager


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I bring back Dr. Allison Brager. Dr. Brager is a subject matter expert in behavioral genetics, sleep, and biological rhythms research. She is passionate about discovering new factors that promote resiliency in extreme environments, particularly for military personnel. She also serves on the NCAA task force for mental health and sleep, contributing to the first edition of the NCAA student-athlete mental health handbook. She is author of Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain, which debunks the much of the “dumb jock” and serves as a performance manual for functional athletes. If you are having a hard time sleeping or are interesting in learning the benefits of a great nights rest, this podcast is for you!


-Serving on the front lines of COVID-19

-Why sleep is SO important

-Sleep affects on performance in the gym

-Naps. What’s the lowdown?

-Hormone affects of sleep deprivation

-Drugs and sleep aids

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