The Secrets to Getting Strong with Mark Bell


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I interview powerlifting legend, Mark Bell. Mark is one of the strongest men to compete in the sport of powerlifting. During his career, Mark squatted 1,080 pounds, bench pressed 854 pounds, and deadlifted 766 pounds. Mark spent time training at world famous gym Westside Barbell with legendary coach Louie Simmons. Following a successful powerlifting career, Mark dabbled into body building and also found a new passion in entrepreneurship. Mark is very well known for inventing The Sling Shot, a device used to assist in maintaining proper bench press form. Mark now has an entire business line of sleeves and wraps for powerlifters.


-Reactions to the Netflix hit Westside vs. The World

-Lessons learned while training at Westside Barbell

-Most proud moment of his career

-Powerlifting vs. Body Building

-How to break through a strength plateau

Mark has tons of content for people to follow, check him out at the following links

IG @marksmellybell




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