Train Smarter, Run Faster with Les Spellman


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This week on The MiFit Podcast I chat with NFL speed coach, Les Spellman. Les has quickly emerged as one of America’s elite speed performance coaches training NFL, USA Rugby, Olympians, NCAA athletes, plus emerging high school and youth leveled athletes in a variety of sports. Les has an incredible story dating back to when he was 17 years old and the doctor told him he probably won’t ever run again after a tragic accident. Since then, Les has worked tirelessly improving his craft to become the most sought after speed coach in the country. Spellman’s company takes a deep dive into technology to provide data solutions for teams, athletes, and coaches who are looking to individualize their sprint performance. Les has a unique way of bringing science into training and I think he is way ahead of the game for speed development. If you are a coach, athlete, or even a fitness enthusiast who likes to learn about improving speed, then this episode is for you!


-Les’ comeback story

-Adopting a go-getter mentality for trainers

-Common mistakes when training speed

-Acceleration vs. Deceleration training

-Sled work

-Posture and activation

-Advice for training youth athletes

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