Write Down Your Past to Unlock Your Future with Michael Cazayoux


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We are starting 2021 with a bang!

This week on The MiFit Podcast I bring friend and mentor, Michael Cazayoux back to the show. Michael is an incredible human being who has overcame drug addiction, won the CrossFit Games on a team, and is now President of Working Against Gravity (an online nutrition company) and as well an avid entrepreneur and podcaster. In my opinion, Michael is a renaissance man who has a ton of knowledge, experience, and discipline. Since being introduced to Michael’s content a handful of years ago, I’ve always enjoyed learning from him and being a small part of his success story. If you are interested in self development, finding your passion, and having an amazing 2021 then this episode is for you!


-The real truths about being a father

-Seeking passion, hobbies, and purpose in life (case study)

-End of year review

-Creating habits that will stick in 2021

-Soul Searching Adventures- Epic outdoor trips for men

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IG @michaelcazayoux

Podcast: The WAG Podcast and The Michael Caz Podcast

Website: www.workingagainstgravity.com

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