Your Physical Peak is Not Your Peak of Life with Sam Smith


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This week on the show I interview Coach Sam Smith. Sam is a former professional golfer who is now a Head Coach and Research & Development Assistant at Big Dawgs, an online coaching business. Since getting into the coaching space, Sam has had extreme success in coaching some of CrossFit’s best athletes and has turned himself into one of the most sought out coaches in the industry. In today’s chat we take a deeper dive into some of Sam’s favorite quotes that have shaped who he is a person and also a remote coach. This episode is great for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and is definitely one of my favorite ones yet!


-A growth mindset for COVID-19 and gym shut downs

-“Your physical peak is not your peak of life.”

-“We have the right to our labor but not to the fruits of our labor.”

-“Focus on raising minimums, not maximums.”

-Why “learning to suffer” is not the best term

-The proper way to view skill development for CrossFit

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