City Council President Nick Mosby, On COVID, Crime, And Economic Challenges


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Tom Hall's guest for the hour today is the president of the Baltimore City Council, Nick Mosby.

He leads a progressive council at a perilous time for our city, as we confront a public health crisis, an economic downturn, and a continued epidemic of serious and deadly crimes.

President Mosby has been a vocal critic of Governor Larry Hogan, accusing the state government of “a deliberate pattern of inequity” in its distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Mosby has promised to improve the oversight of city contracts by the Board of Estimates, and he has changed the structure and make-up of council committees. The Council has passed one bill so far, restricting restaurant delivery fees, that has been signed into law.

Today, as part of Midday's regular series of check-ins with leaders of local government, a conversation about the City Council president’s legislative priorities, and his vision for our city.

Nick Mosby joins Tom Hall today on Zoom.

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