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Host Jack Nolan joins Men's Basketball Head Coach Mike Brey and honorary player co-host Bonzie Colson to discuss the latest in Notre Dame Men's Basketball, live from O'Rourke's Public House in Eddy Street Commons. Join the show for a live broadcast Thursdays during the season.

In this episode:

Host Jack Nolan and “co-host” Bonzie Colson kick off the show with some discussion of Bonzie’s injury (1:20); Bonzie’s thoughts on being a leader from the bench (2:20); breaking down the offensive performance in the recent win over Boston College (4:23); T.J. Gibbs’ recent play (5:53); breaking down the loss at NC State (6:45); how do you help Gibbs develop as a leader? (8:00); on slow offensive starts earlier in the season (8:40); the “Healthy Scoring Five” and their importance to the rest of the season (9:25); Marty Gebben’s recent play and continued development as a scorer (11:25); on fan and student body support of the team this season (12:45);

Audience Questions - Are you still taking walk-ons? (13:33); In what Olympic sport would Bonzie compete? (14:04); how often do you check in on next year’s recruits? (15:10); on building depth on the bench because of injuries (16:01); will you ever the team back to play Delaware? (16:48); will you take off your shirt if Notre Dame makes the NCAA Tournament this season? (17:32); what’s D.J. Harvey’s workout routine? (18:15); how do you build confidence in a team? (19:02).

Player Guest - Rex Pflueger, junior guard from Dana Point, California (21:09)

Audience Questions for Bonzie and Rex - What’s most difficult about being a student-athlete at Notre Dame? (38:24); how do you stop a hot shooter like B.C.’s Robinson? (39:20); reaction to nicknames for Rex and T.J. (40:16);

The Fast Break with Rex Pflueger (40:55)

Wrap-up discussion of the upcoming game with Florida State on Saturday (44:35)

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