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Chad King started out selling copiers door to door for Xerox. While becoming a top producer in year two, Chad was simultaneously studying successful individuals in other spaces that had tremendous wealth & prosperity. He noticed a common theme amongst many of them… Real Estate. With nothing but an amazing woman by his side, Chad jumped in to Real Estate investing full time.
He is now a coach/trainer, teaching others the sales side of single family investing. Training sales teams to close deals all over the country, Chad loves helping people close more closable deals, and helping business owners convert more leads.
Connect with Chad:
IG: @mrchadking
LI: linkedin.com/in/chad-king-21521690
Web: https://www.closeeveryclosabledeal.com/
Reach out to Jovica:
IG: @asap_jovi
LI: linkedin.com/in/jdjurdjevic

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