Burning Ring of Fire: Eclipse Season is Here!


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Eclipse season kicks off with an annular eclipse, a.k.a. a ring of fire! Those in Africa, Asia, & most of the Pacific Ocean will be able to see it.

How can we even begin to introduce some of the power coming along with the upcoming eclipses DURING all these retrogrades? Essentially, you will feel like a new person on the other side—there’s no going back to the old you after these eclipses, so just do your best to hang on.

Show Notes:

- Catch up on our previous new moon episode: Saturn & Jupiter & Venus Retrograde, Oh My!

- Hex White Supremacy, Episode 1 of ???

- All About Eclipses: A Guide for Dealing with Them - Susan Miller article with the description of eclipses as walking across a rickety old bridge.

- Steve Bannon’s favorite book: The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny

- NY Times article from 2017 about how this explained Bannon’s job as Tr*mp’s chief strategist.

- The article Jessie couldn’t remember about 2020 being a volatile year.

- Amenti Oracle Deck

- The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

- Hello Universe podcast

- A list of resources for fighting white supremacy.

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