30: Recommendation Palooza


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  • This week, we grow tired of all the bullshit in the news and do something different: a Recommendation Palooza!
  • Spotify playlists are hit-and-miss, and we’re pretty sure if white people knew what “Despacito” was about they wouldn’t be playing it at kids’ parties.
  • So. Much. Food. Chick Fil A is equally delicious and problematic, and In N Out sets the standard for the #bestcoast.
  • Monica Lewinsky is producing American Crime Story: Impeachment about the 1990’s affair she had with President Bill Clinton. What other upcoming shows are we looking forward to?
  • Laura’s convinced Andrew’s guilty pleasure food is more of a humble brag, Pam has high caffeine standards, and Laura makes a revelation about her pre-bed ritual.
  • No one is perfect (sorry), and we’re no exception. We open up about continuing to frequent problematic retailers. #Millennial is part of the problem.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Honey (join for FREE by going to https://www.honey.com/mill), Brooklinen (https://www.brooklinen.com and enter code MILL for 10% off AND free shipping), and FabFitFun (https://www.fabfitfun.com and enter code MILL for $10 off your first box). Support #Millennial by supporting our sponsors!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:
  • Love languages. What are they, and what do they tell us about each other?
  • Take the Love Language quiz here.
  • Many people in life will do a good job understanding your love language, but others don’t. Are these relationships doomed?

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