35: Movie Trailer Onslaught, Felicity Huffman Sentencing, Volfefe Index


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If you’re mourning the loss of your vape like Laura, come get high on some #Millennial!
  • Our favorite Democrats list is being whittled down based on who is least annoying in these debates.
  • The new iPhones are here and Andrew and Laura have been suckered in, but one of us should've paid closer attention to the keynote.
  • A new poll reveals that moviegoers want to see fewer trailers at the theater, but AMC isn’t getting the message.
  • If you’re late to a movie, but the movie doesn’t start until 30 minutes past its listed start time, did the movie actually begin on time?
  • #PrayersforFelicity: Felicity Huffman sentenced to 14 days of jail-time, in which she’ll be subject to heinous conditions like forced bed making and TV watching limits.
  • JP Morgan is sending signals by introducing their “Volfefe Index,” which monitors how the markets react to President Trump’s Twitter activity.
  • In the Mailbag, Alex makes a cookbook recommendation and we get an update from the confessor who was digitally cheating on their significant other.
  • This week’s Surprise Bitch! victim is Will, who lives in Canada. We talk Justin Trudeau and his no good, very bad election season.
  • Some of this week’s recommendations are lamer than others: Make a Size Paper Towels (Andrew), Conniption Gin (Laura), and Four Weddings and a Funeral (Hulu series) (Pam).
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Cyberbullying continues driving celebs off social media. The latest victim, Grace Saif, deactivated her social accounts following abuse from 13 Reasons Why fans who didn’t like her character’s introduction in the show’s third season.
  • We discuss 13 Reasons Why, and some of us have “reasons why” we don’t watch.
  • We’ve experienced varying degrees of cyberbullying over the years as podcasters, and share some of those experiences.
  • Andrew shares why he wants to quit the internet three times a week.

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