43: Disney+ Released, Coming Clean to Husband, Consequences of Health Habits


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  • Happy Disney+ launch day! We're so overwhelmed.
  • Instagram to start removing like counts in the US this week. Now that we can't #liveforthelike, what does life mean anymore?
  • Please take our 2020 listener survey! This will help us improve all of our show offerings in 2020.
  • We kind of shit talked fast-forwarding through entertainment media, and got some swift corrections from our listeners. Oops!
  • Millennials in the Media: the economic consequences of millennials' health habits.
  • We talk about the upcoming Vietnam War flick, "Finding Jack" starring... James Dean?
  • After last week's Hidden from the Headlines, a listener from Hong Kong provides context and a correction.
  • Pam and Laura called it a few weeks ago, and the news confirms: 89% of graduates would spend a week in jail to get their student loan debt cancelled. Not the cancel culture we deserve, but the cancel culture we NEED.
  • Is virginity all it's cracked up to be? One confessional writer seeks advice on telling her husband that he's the one who showed her a whole new world. It inspires us to pitch a new Patreon benefit, leading to hilarious results.
  • Would you rather... be able to detect any lie you hear, or get away with any lie you tell?
  • This week's recommendations: HBO's "His Dark Materials" (Pam), Google Maps' "Remind me when to leave" feature (Andrew), and Dunkin's Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich (Laura).
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And in this week's installment of After Dark:
  • Time to talk shit. Brew that tea strong, friends.
  • Andrew keeps his vacation destinations secret so he doesn't have to see people.
  • Shares of US adults that have cohabitated are now higher than those who have been married. How do our more traditional relatives view cohabitation?
  • Don't be all nuanced and reasonable irl and then double down on stupid views on Facebook. Just stop.
  • Stop ruining Pam's movie-going experience, Janice!

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