How to Stop Withholding What Hurts You


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Episode 288: Madelyn Moon reveals how to stop withholding and instead tenderly share your truth and heart with someone so that it is meant with love and understanding. Often times when we have something to share that hurts us, we clam up and withhold the information because we don't want to hurt the other person. If we do decide to express our truth, we often become defensive and quickly blame the other for causing us pain. However, there is another way — a much more tender, self-expressing, beautiful way that will get our point across much more gently for both parties involved. Madelyn explains how a recent situation in her life allowed her to exercise this unfoldment with more love and truth than ever before. Show notes: Why Madelyn is making investments in her creativity. "Money is a currency—it is a current. When you spend it, you open up a door for it to come back." How to believe that the universe wants you to succeed. Your “belief leaps.” Joy is something you can experience at any time....even through heartbreak. How to stop withholding your truth. What does “withholding” mean? Madelyn’s personal example with withholding information from her partner. What is the line between expressing something for the betterment of the relationship and hurting the relationship? "There is a way to share your heart that is not blaming/shaming someone, but revealing the truth of your heart." 3 Stages of Communication Podcast Episode Here: Revealing is a gift to your masculine partner. If you feel hurt by something he’s doing unconsciously and you refuse to tell him, you will continue to be hurt and the world will hurt as well. We train people how to treat us. Your oracle is a gift so stop withholding. Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg The specific phrase to let someone know how they hurt your heart. How to take responsibility for not revealing this before. A woman who can deeply trust is a woman who is in her feminine. A woman who is in her feminine is a woman who is bringing deep pleasure and joy to the world. Connect with Maddy: Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Download my Four Favourite Feminine Embodiment Practices: [Tweet "There is a way to share your heart that is not blaming/shaming anyone, but instead revealing with tenderness. #mindbodymusings"] COACHING: receive personalized, 1:1 coaching from Maddy Moon to create your own feminine and masculine embodiment. Heal your heart, build confidence, create an online business (if that's a goal!) or simply feel happier. Apply here: FEMININE SPIRIT SCHOOL: this school is the one-stop-shop for all things feminine energy! If you've been wanting to embody the feminine but feel stuck on the how, this program will take you through the entire realm from start to (well...we're never really finished, are we?). Learn about the feminine/masculine, shadow sides, ancestral healing, boundary setting, empowerment, sensuality and sexuality, sovereignty and so much more. Sign up here: READ THE FULL TRANSCRIPT Madelyn: Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Mind Body Musings podcast, 2020 edition. Welcome to the Roaring '20s — so they say. I am feeling really good. I am feeling really clean, probably because I just showered and did my makeup for the first time in what feels like three weeks — not the shower part; the makeup part. But I'm feeling an air of fresh-start-ness. This episode is really saying mid-January. Today is the first week of January still, so not too much of a gap between recording this and when it’s going live. But I certainly am feeling this very excited energy of fresh starts,

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