Is Online Education Our Future?


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Depending on what happens with Covid-19 this summer and fall, it’s likely there will be some influence on plans for the 2020-2021 school year. Whether it’s a delayed start, more online learning from home, or a different classroom setup, it looks like we’ll be writing more new rules for education. On episode 60, Emily Kircher-Morris talks with FlexSchool’s Jacqui Byrne about the future of online learning.

About the guest - Jacqui Byrne is the founder of FlexSchool, a learning community for gifted and 2e students. She has a background in education, teaching, counseling, and writing. She is the co-founder of the widely respected Ivy Ed college preparation and counseling firm. Jacqui developed her own verbal test prep curriculum and also wrote a test prep book for McGraw-Hill. She has provided services for school district guidance counselors, spoken at college parent nights, and presented at professional conferences. Prior to founding Ivy Ed, she taught creative writing to gifted students at Milton Academy. Jacqui earned a B.A. from Yale, and has twice-exceptional children of her own.

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