5 Tips for Financial Advisors on How to Get From $500mm to $5B


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A conversation with Steve Sanduski, podcast host, coach, consultant and founder of Belay Advisor

Success means something different to everyone. For some advisors, it’s a lifestyle practice that allows them to make a good living with a client base that’s happy and content. Yet for others, there’s a stronger focus on growth—maximizing business value and building a lasting legacy.

In this episode, we take a look at achieving growth, more specifically how to take a giant leap—for example, going from managing assets of $500mm to $5B or more.

And such an extraordinary level of growth can only be achieved through a careful combination of mindset and practice.

To explore that process, Steve Sanduski CFP® joins the show.

Steve Sanduski

Steve is one of those guys top financial advisors turn to when they are trying to identify their secret sauce for success. He built his career on guiding advisors on the subject of growth, including his work with Ron Carson of Carson Wealth Management to launch PEAK Advisor Alliance, a coaching program based on Carson’s success principles. Steve later formed his own advisor coaching firm, Belay Advisor, and then took it one more level as a partner in a firm that offers a suite of digital tools, comprehensive training and marketing support for financial advisors. Plus, he’s a New York Times bestselling author, and the host of several top-rated podcast shows.

In this episode, Steve taps into over 3 decades of experience to provide 5 key action items for advisors who are looking to answer the threshold question:

“What does it take to get from $500mm to $5B?”

Plus, he discusses some of the concerns that advisors share with him – and how to resolve each – including:

  • What the real barriers to success are for many advisors.
  • What some advisors describe as their biggest issues when it comes to growing and managing a business.
  • What firms need to do to prepare for acquisition mode.
  • How the right marketing and messaging help to drive business success.
  • And much more.

It’s a conversation on success, growth and mindset that advisors at all levels – no matter where they practice – can learn from.

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Steve Sanduski CFP®:

Steve is the founder of Belay Advisor. Belay offers coaching and training programs for financial advisors. He’s also the co-founder of ROL Advisor, a company that offers Life-Centered Planning technology and training that helps advisors put their client’s life at the center of the conversation not their money.

Previously, Steve was the Managing Partner of Peak Advisor Alliance, a business coaching and training resources company that grew from 0 to 1,000 coaching clients during his 11 years of managing the company.

Steve is a New York Times Bestselling author and the co-author of two books:

• Tested in the Trenches: A 9-Step Plan for Success as a New-Era Advisor (it has become one of the most sought after practice management books in the industry) • Avalanche: The 9 Principles for Uncovering True Wealth (became a New York Times bestseller and a Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller)

Steve is also a frequent contributor to the trade press including Financial Advisor Magazine.

He’s the host of Between Now and Success, which is one of the most popular podcasts in the financial industry. On the podcast, Steve interviews top financial industry leaders as well as other accomplished professionals from around the world who have messages that can benefit financial advisors.

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