EP102: In Want and Plenty [& Journaling in Our Everyday] with Meredith McDaniel


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This week, I bring you my conversation with author, Meredith McDaniel. Meredith is a licensed professional counselor and owner of her private practice, Milk and Honey. She is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, she has also served on staff with Young Life and as the Lead Counselor with Inheritance of Hope. Today, she's here to discuss the importance of cultivating a habit of journaling, how we can use journaling as a tool to overcome 'roadblocks' in our lives and much more!

Don't Miss:

  • The importance of journaling + how we can cultivate the habit of journaling
  • 'Back to Basics' questions we can ask ourselves
  • How to look back to move forward
  • How journaling can help us overcome 'roadblocks' in our lives

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Show Notes for EP102: In Want and Plenty [& Journaling in Our Everyday]

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