EP114: Mindful Minutes for Kids with Tejal Patel


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This week, I bring you my conversation with Tejal Patel. Tejal is a former divorce attorney turned mindfulness, meditation and Ayurveda advocate for moms and kids. She’s the host of the Time-In Talks Podcast , speaker and author of the new book, Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities To Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety and Stay Focused. Today we will discuss how you can begin a mindful, mediation practice (even if you’re not currently doing so), what a mediation practice looks like for kids, and why meditation is a beneficial lifeskill (for really any age!) Tejal’s fun, practical and simple way of infusing mindfulness and meditation into the lives of modern families in a way that is understandable to kids truly sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd and makes her a go-to expert for modern moms seeking to raise calm, confident, and compassionate children and become the most present, patient and peaceful parent they can be!

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