EP125: Ask Questions, Have Discussions [Intentional Media Consumption] with Rita Rogers


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Today, I bring you my conversation with Rita Rogers. Rita is an is an ICU nurse, farm wife, mom to two little girls and blogger at Rita Rogers Co. where she advocates for living well on purpose. Rita takes on cultural norms such as health culture and thought processes that may not be serving us well by getting us to ask questions and apply common sense solutions.

In this conversation, we have an open dialogue on intentional media consumption and what that looks like in our day-to-day. We're not experts, just two minimalist mamas looking to navigate the plethora of information coming our way. I need to have ways to insulate my mind from the negativity of the world so that I can fulfill my daily parenting duties. That said, the 'noise' of the news media is something that's hard to tune out so instead of completely doing so, I just have to get better at navigating.

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