EP126: Adventuring Together: How to Create Spontaneity with Kids with Greta Eskridge


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Today I bring you my conversation with author, Greta Eskridge. Greta Eskridge is a second-generation homeschooling mom of four. Her message of deeply connected and intentional parenting began as a blog in her early days of mothering, but quickly blossomed into a writing and speaking career. Now, Greta helps parents and kids create connection in a disconnected world on her website, at the popular Wild and Free homeschool conferences, and at speaking engagements around the country. Today we'll be discussing the subject of her new book, adventuring with kids.

In recent years, children are growing up in a world that looks little like the one their parents experienced during childhood. The Internet at their fingertips, cameras on phones that fit in their pockets, schedules jam-packed with extracurriculars. Parents find themselves competing for their children’s attention, at a loss for meaningful ways to cut through the noise and connect. Greta will answer questions such as: how do I get my unadventurous child to feel comfortable stepping out of his/her comfort zone, adventures that are do-able with little children, free adventures to have with our children and more.

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