EP97: The Art of Happy Moving with Ali Wenzke


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This week, I bring you my interview with author Ali Wenzke. Ali and her husband moved ten times in eleven years, living in six states across the U.S. She created her popular blog, The Art of Happy Moving, to help others build a happier life before, during, and after a move. She recently released her first book with the same title: The Art of Happy Moving: How to Declutter, Pack, and Start Over While Maintaining Your Sanity and Finding Happiness. Her moving advice has been featured in Forbes, Readers' Digest, U.S News & World Report, Real Simple, Today.com, Fast Company and more. Today we discuss how to make moving easier with children (involving them in the process) common mistakes we tend to make, the correlation between habit change and moving and much more. I highly recommend listening to this conversation with Ali even if you don't have a move on the horizon.

We Discuss:

  • Moving with children
  • The biggest mistakes we make when preparing to move
  • Decluttering while preparing to move
  • The correlation between habit change and moving
  • Practical tips we can easily implement when preparing to move/moving

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