MK REWIND: History of the American Slavery Epidemic (EP251)


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History (as usual) is under attack. For this week's MK Rewind, on the heels of Senator Tom Cotton trying to restrict the 1619 project being taught in schools because it was a “necessary evil”, we are ringing the school bells, because we've got a Quizlet on the history of the American Slavery epidemic. We’re going to show you just why it’s important to have things like the 1619 project taught in school, because there is probably a lot you didn’t know about the sheer numbers, magnitude, horrific nature and it’s true impact that went on for centuries. If you’ve listened before it’ll be a good review. We have to learn from our history understand who’s blood upon the soil do you we stand on, who truly built this country.

Quick Cavet we didn’t realize till after I believe that Nnekay’s Mic was messing up. So bare with it, but I think we got her a new mic shortly after (this is why we have the drive) keep upgrading Beyonce style.

Speaking of, and it’s the last week of the Maximum Fun Drive and it’s a brand new celebrity call-in, who could it be- there has been a theme... could they have a connection to Beyonce- they think they still do?



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