Episode 89 - Competitious Definition Make Them Boys Go Crazy


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Welcome back to another episode of Mischief Managed while the world is a trash heap. Kate's joining us for this episode but Laura couldn't make it. Mischief Managed giveth and Mischief Managed taketh away. We start off with the heavy stuff first so we can get to some classic escapism. We talk through our feelings about JK's latest crap and catch up on Quarantine times. Then, Kate hits us with some heartwarming HP readings and we do a Pet Update (TM). Next we move on to a tricky Meet your Messrs question: What would you like to be Lockhart famous for? Katie's is ambitious but then super shallow, Kate's is ambitious and stays that way, and Craig's... is classic Craig. After that we move on to our topic, competition culture and how it relates to Harry Potter. We discuss sports, pros and cons, quidditch, and House points. Then it's on to a quidditch quizzle, a yet-to-be-named Craig segment (Craigment), a Super Hufflepuff, and a Marry/Boff/Kill that's actually a Marry/Boff/Kill! Hope you are all healthy and well. Love MMP

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