Boardwalks – Show #135 (part 1), 5 January 2020


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On a rare rainy morning in Melbourne in the middle of Australia’s shocking bushfire season, Katie presents a playlist of songs designed to soothe the soul. All except one are by Australian artists. Here is the playlist:

  • Everyone Can See the Stars – Floyd Thursby
  • Boardwalks – Little May
  • The Arsonist – Dom Italiano
  • Already Gone – Shelley Segal
  • The Rains – Emily Barker
  • Every Season – Emily Barker
  • Late Night Letter – Andy Nelson
  • The Greatest – Lana Del Rey
  • Speak Out – Dorothy-Jane
  • When We’re Both Old and Mad – Paul Kelly & Kasey Chambers

Above: Little May’s ‘Boardwalks’ single artwork

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