WTF is going on with GameStop, WallStBets, and the Stock Market?


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Once again we see how powerful social media is in our modern day. A retail investor posted about how the stock was undervalued on a public forum, WallStBets, and brought to light GameStop (GME) was shorted at 120% of the available shares by hedge funds. 4 Million people follow this forum. Retail investors, and FOMO investors bought the stock, the stock price shot up. Listen to hear what happens next.
2:20 - What is Shorting?
8:00 - How did GME blow up?
11:20 - What is a Short Squeeze?
15:04 - Free Markets
15:52 - Correction - The Stock was shorted 120% of the available shares, not 120x
17:33 - Importance of Long Term Investing
23:00 - What Happened with Melvin Capital

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