When Work has a Higher Purpose with Lenny Stein, SVP of Global Affairs at Splunk


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“I have always firmly believed that work should have a higher purpose.” — Lenny Stein

Lenny Stein, SVP of Global Affairs at Splunk, heads up Splunk’s global corporate, government affairs and social impact initiatives including Splunk for Good, an “effort to identify means and work with groups that can use the power of data to improve the human condition.” Partners of Splunk for Good include The Global Emancipation Network, with whom Splunk is helping to try to put an end to human trafficking.

Prior to joining Splunk eight years ago, Lenny received his law degree at Harvard and went into private practice with a focus on public policy. He worked with the U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board and was a staff member on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Through all of this experience, Lenny has discovered the importance of work going beyond serving the individual’s needs.

“I have always firmly believed that work should have a higher purpose,” Lenny says.In addition to providing a source of income and sustenance, work should provide the opportunity to leave the world in a better position than we found it. And I have constantly found that a higher purpose animating a corporate environment makes all the difference between what a company can achieve and what it can’t.”

On this episode, Chad and Lenny discuss the three main focus areas of Splunk for Good — disaster relief, cybersecurity and job training — the partners Splunk is working with in these areas, and why Lenny believes work should always have a higher purpose.

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