Episode 129 - Chris Hansen Breaks His Silence & Brady Hoists Seventh Lombardi


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Today’s show kicks off with Mitch lamenting some bad beats from his Sunday wagering. Then, the guys recap the highs and lows from Super Bowl LV both on and off the field. Three featured guests are Chris Hansen of Sonics Arena Investment Group, film director of Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream Michael Tollin, and Seattle Kraken reporter with The Athletic Ryan Clark. Later, Mitch and Scott riff about odds and ends including this year's batch of Super Bowl ads, an Orlando TV reporter's inadvertent mistake, and a thought on Russell Wilson trade rumors.


  • Chris Hansen | Sonics Arena Investment Group
  • Michael Tollin | Director of Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream
  • Ryan Clark | The Athletic Seattle Kraken reporter


0:28 | Mitch shares his gambling results from Sunday...did he end up on the winning end?

23:08 | The guys share their takeaways from the 31-9 Bucs win over the Chiefs in the Super Bowl .

56:13 | GUEST: Chris Hansen joins the show to provide an update on his pursuit for a return of the NBA in Seattle and the associated arena considerations.

1:39:04 | GUEST: Michael Tollin shares some stories about the life of the late Henry Aaron as shown in his doc Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream.

2:07:01 | GUEST: Ryan Clark checks in as he returns to Seattle as the Kraken reporter with The Athletic for an overview of what to expect in year one for the franchise.

2:26:38 | What was your favorite Super Bowl ad this year?

2:36:43 | A Florida man...TV reporter Zach Maskavich caused quite a stir with the national anthem prop bet.

2:44:10 | Aaron Donald was named defensive player of the year and it really wasn't close, although J.J. Watt disagrees.

2:46:02 | Are we to believe that John Schneider really is hanging up the phone on all offers for Russell Wilson?

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