Is Bravo a PR Dream or Nightmare? W/ publicist Donovan Mack


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This week, Mani is joined by good friend and PR king Donovan Mack (@iamthedonmack). He is well versed in the areas of crisis management, public relations, and recovering what’s recoverable. Together, they work through Bravo’s stances and initiatives, Bravolebs apologies and statements, and past Bravo controversies. He gives insight on how he would’ve done things, what went right or wrong, and what to look for with our faves during a time of skepticism that they’re all being genuine. His professional advice for Andy, Bravo, and who he would fire as clients are all juicy and you don’t want to miss it. To follow his PR Co— IG: @mackandcreative his podcast—IG: @strategiesfortheculture and himself—IG: @iamthedonmack. You can follow Mani on Twitter and Instagram: @mixingwithmani --- Support this podcast:

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