So Good it’s Good Mixer w/ Ryan Bailey on #VanderpumpRules // #RHONY //#RHOBH


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This week, Mani mixes with Ryan Bailey from the hit podcast, So Bad it’s Good with Ryan Bailey. The two go down a few rabbit holes of general discussions of what it means to put on quarantine pounds, try to live normally during a global pandemic, and how being a Taurus is a blessing and a curse. Then, of course, they get right into the mess of Vanderpump Rules from the perspective of someone who has done great VPR adjacent interviews. Then they talk RHONY, his affinity for Leah McSweeney, and the terror of the Singer Stingers. Ending with RHOBH, what works and what doesn’t, and what we look forward to on Bravo and how we rebuild it all to be fun again. That and obviously so much more. To connect with Ryan Bailey on IG: @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey on Twitter: @ryanbailey25 and to mix with Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani --- Support this podcast:

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