Getting to Truth The Right Way


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Michael Reddington, CFI is an Executive Resource, Certified Forensic Interviewer and the President of InQuasize, Inc. a company that integrates the key components of effective non-confrontational interview techniques with current business research for executives. Using his background in forensics, and his understanding of human behavior through interrogation, Reddington teaches businesses to use the truth to their advantage in getting to truth (the right way).

Getting to Truth - Michael Reddington

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Top Takeaways: Getting to Truth The Right Way with Expert Interrogator Michael Reddington

  • Dropped out a plane in any situation and negotiate to the trust
  • Morally, ethically, and sound interrogation
  • Interview versus interrogation
  • Interview: fact gathering; Interrogation: an accused
  • Always remember the contextual circumstances
  • Have to be able to separate our emotions from the task at hand
  • How do we see ourselves talking and acting in alignment with the situation?
  • Align the situation with yourself image
  • Getting to truth the right way
  • Give your team the opportunity to make the decision on their own
  • “Fine… I’ll do it” is not often a “win” for the leader
  • When level of discomfort gets one tick above the threshold level
  • The pendulum of getting compliance over commitment
  • Why do leaders push their team in unhealthy ways?
  • Doing what we know and following the example set for us
  • Prioritizing time over impact as a leader, causing people to feel less important
  • The curse of a job well done, piling work on our high performers
  • Getting suspects to say, “I did it” and employees to say, “I’ll do it”
  • 7 phases we encounter when entering a new conversation
  • Be more intentional on the result of a conversation than winning the conversation
  • Teach people to solve their own problems
  • Invest a little time today, to save enormous time down the road

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Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It by Chris Voss

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