Understanding Bipolar Disorder In Children With Julie Fast


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Julie A. Fast is not only a bipolar expert, a national speaker, and author, she also has lived with bipolar disorder since she was a teenager. Julie is the author of numerous books including 2004's Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder. She was a consultant for Claire Danes on the Showtime series Homeland, as her character Carrie Mathison suffered from severe Bipolar disorder. As a family and partner coach, Julie has incredibly specific systems when it comes to dealing with bipolar disorder in children and/or living with someone suffering from Bipolar. She is a nationally recognized expert in mental health.

In this fascinating episode, Julie defines bipolar disorder and discusses her systems of helping families deal with the illness. She talks about empathy training, charting, and treatments. Julie impresses Hilaria and Daphne with her command of the issue and her eloquence. This is an important episode whether or not bipolar is in your family.

Favorite Things:

Hilaria: Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

Daphne: Bjornqorn Popcorn

Julie: Being with Her Nephew

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