18. Using the Power of Thought to Thrive with Charise Naifeh


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You can get what you want, all by tapping into the power of your thoughts. If you are a lawyer mom who feels like you don't have the life and career you want, this week's guest, Charise Naifeh has some insight for you. As a litigator in Biglaw turned life coach, Charise coaches lawyer moms to help you make groundbreaking changes in your lives by first helping you change your thoughts.
Have you tried talking to friends, loved ones, colleagues, or even a therapist, and you still don't feel like there is a way to get what you want out of life? Your thoughts shape your feelings, which propel you into action and drive your results. If you begin thinking you can get what you want, you will create the result you want. Tune in to hear more!
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Mom Life and Law is a podcast for lawyer moms who are expected to mother as if they have no job and lawyer as if they have no children. In the face of these expectations, I give you strategies to help you thrive. Each week, invest some time to reframe your mindset, own your power, and set yourself up for success. You deserve it.
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