19. Harnessing the Power of Reflection with Jabeen Adawi


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Jabeen Adawi has dedicated her legal career to serving victims of gender-based violence and underserved communities. From litigation to non-profit work to clinical teaching, she navigated changes in her legal career in the midst of navigating the challenges of young motherhood. In this episode, Jabeen shares the lessons that have helped her thrive at home and in her career, ultimately leading to a leadership position as the Director of the Family Law Clinic at the University of Pittsburg School of Law.
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Mom Life and Law is a podcast for lawyer moms who are expected to mother as if they have no job and lawyer as if they have no children. In the face of these expectations, I give you strategies to help you thrive. Each week, invest some time to reframe your mindset, own your power, and set yourself up for success. You deserve it.
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