22. Finding Freedom to Be Authentic Through Yoga with Aman Costigan


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Several years into her law practice, Aman Costigan came to the realization that she didn't want lose all the parts of her identity as a person in order to be a good lawyer. In fact, when she followed the teachings of her yoga practice, she found freedom to start showing up authentically. Part of showing up authentically was sharing her love of yoga with other lawyers.
As a partner at a law firm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Aman practices as independent counsel for tribunals deciding professional disciplinary actions. Her job can certainly be stressful. Aman shares how yoga, mindfulness techniques, and really learning about how energy flows through the body has helped her to manage her stress and thrive. Now, she's teaching other lawyers to do the same.
Aman launched her own company, Beyond Yoga for Lawyers and her current offering is a 10-week program for lawyers to explore yoga and other mindfulness techniques like they've never experienced before. The virtual program starts March 24, 2021 and runs until May 26, 2021, with weekly classes over Zoom.
Connect with Aman Costigan at:
Beyond Yoga for Lawyers: https://beyondyogaforlawyers.com
Instagram: @beyondyoga_for_lawyers
LinkedIn: Aman Costigan
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