247 | Moving, Sex, & Manifesting Your Dreams - with Chase Craft


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My wonderful husband is back for another Crafting in Chaos episode! This is an updated, incredibly real look into our married life, what we’re doing in our personal lives, how our sex life has changed since quarantine, and SO much more. Marriage is a lifelong effort and we want to be candid about the ups and downs in our lives.

You Will Hear About:

  • [02:41] All about Chase
  • [03:40] Why we are moving out of our home and being temporary nomads
  • [06:55] My post-op breast implant removal experiences
  • [09:38] Doing a 30-day sex challenge
  • [16:06] Doing the work in yourself that you want to see in others
  • [19:16] Feeling in alignment with what you have to offer
  • [24:28] How we manifest and show up in the world
  • [31:45] Being able to give the way you want
  • [34:21] Choosing the life that you want to live
  • [43:14] Decide that your life is going to be easy


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