246 | Being Rich is Your Birthright | Mommy Millionaire Minute


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People want more money, they desire more luxury, and I want to show them how to have it. You can get a lot of value out of free content, like this podcast, but the real magic happens when you invest in yourself. And I know that can be scary! Not knowing if you’re going to follow through or if you will see results — I get it. We are used to investing thousands of dollars into clothes or bags, but we are trained not to value investing in ourselves. I want to change that. I want to normalize investing in our personal growth to radically transform our lives and businesses.

You Will Hear About:

  • [01:04] Normalizing investing in ourselves
  • [04:19] How to make money easy
  • [08:53] Becoming certain of your abundance
  • [11:34] Being consistent in showing up
  • [13:21] How giving leads to prosperity


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