Ep 07: Dethroning Your Inner Critic with Joanna Kleinman


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So many of us have pursued a goal, thinking we’d be happy once we reach it – only to find that we were no happier when it happened. We all have ideas about what our life is supposed to look like, and what success means. But where does that vision of success come from and why are so many of us left unsatisfied?

This week, psychotherapist, Joanna Kleinman of Dethroning Your Inner Critic talks to us about the difference between the real you and your inner critic. Do you have a critical voice inside your head, telling you who you’re supposed to be or maybe even how you don’t measure up? Guess what – we all do. We won’t be getting rid of this voice anytime soon, but right now – in the midst of a global pandemic - may be the perfect time to take the power away from that voice and give it back to the true you. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How this critical voice developed and how long it’s been around.
  • Why trying to silence this inner critic can cause more bad than good.
  • What our lack of control during this pandemic is enabling us to recognize for the first time.

In this episode, Joanna referenced the book, The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist.

About the Guest:

Joanna Kleinman is a licensed psychotherapist, life and corporate coach, author, podcaster, motivational speaker, and the founder of Dethroning Your Inner Critic. She considers herself to be an unconventional therapist and is driven by the conviction that the most powerful life you can live is when you know the difference between YOU and your Inner Critic. She developed the M.I.N.D Method, a time tested, proven system that brings together practical psychology, neuroscience and the power of intention to discover who you are separate from the critical voice in your mind. With over 23 years experience, she has worked with corporations such as Campowerment, Cigna, and Nestle, and has transformed the lives of thousands of people, detailing how they can design a new future by rewiring the automatic way they think and act, and breaking the habit of giving energy and attention to their Inner Critic.

Learn more about Joanna Kleinman and Dethroning Your Inner Critic on Facebook, Instagram, the website, or by listening to the podcast.

About the Host:

Janice Scholl has spent her entire career talking about money and business. Through her time as a commercial banker, consultant and mentor to budding entrepreneurs, she helped clients create solid business and financial strategies to help propel their business to success. While working with aspiring female entrepreneurs, Janice noticed that the same four themes kept repeating:

  • Many women are uncomfortable with finance, both in their business and in their personal life.
  • Women want access to more women mentors and advisors.
  • Women often start businesses because they feel the corporate world doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Few are motivated by purely financial reasons.
  • Mothers didn’t want money to drive their family decisions.

From these themes The Money, Career & Motherhood Podcast was born. Now Janice spends her time helping mothers gain confidence and understanding about money, career, and business topics as they relate to motherhood and family – the way many women actually think about money. Janice loves helping mothers implement business and financial strategies within their families to help each family member thrive.

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