Fueling Your Business Fire with Brandon The Mad Fientist


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Come on baby, light my business fire! (The Doors. Nailed it).

Matt and Andrew are joined by Brandon from MadFientist.com to talk about staying motivated in their online businesses. Brandon shares his journey of growing his own successful site (including the mental breakdown that motivated him to launch it) and chats about his newest online business, including the challenge of mixing business with a hobby.

The three of them debate what truly motivates them in their work (hint: it's not money, but it kind of is?) and how to keep that hunger alive when you start to feel like you're coasting in your business. How do you tap into that intrinsic motivation to keep the business fires burning bright? This is an honest, behind-the-scenes chat about what drives these guys to do what they do. Enjoy!

P.S. You can read about Brandon's synthesizer business experiment here: Madfientist.com/Online-Business-Experiment

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