EP132: How to Quickly Improve Your Credit Score with Chris Huntley


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Chris explains some really interesting ways to improve our credit that I had never heard of before.

One thing Chris mentions is making sure you pay down the balance on your statement close date and not on the payment due date. This is because the banks report to the credit bureaus on the statement close date — not on your due date.

This means even if you pay off your credit card on-time, you could still be hurting your credit if your balance is above the available credit line threshold.

Also, Chris talks a lot about why you don’t need to pay someone to fix your credit for you and how simple it really is. I was even a little surprised with how simple it is.

And if you’re someone who is just starting out and trying to build your credit, Chris and I both discuss a unique strategy that involves piggybacking onto a tradeline.


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