S07E02 'The Frankston Killer (Paul Denyer) PLUS California killer, William Tyrrell evidence AND Claremont Serial Killer


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Over a seven week period in mid 1993 twenty-one year old Paul Denyer stalked the women of Frankston, a suburb of Melbourne in Australia.

Denyer attacked and murdered three young women; Elizabeth Stevens, Deborah Fream and Natalie Russell over a 7 week period as part of a larger stalking campaign that began months earlier.

In February he had broken into a woman’s apartment and defiled the place, as well as prank calling the woman repeatedly. He had also killed the woman’s cat. He had ransacked other homes too before he progressed to murder. He had attempted to kill a fourth woman Rosca Toth, but she escaped Denyer who then found another victim that same night.

In our news section;

- Massive hunt for Zodiac Killer-style gang in California

- Police release secret recordings in the William Tyrrell case

- DNA evidence is causing issues in the trial of alleged Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards.

- Majority of serial killers are Taurus, study claims

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