2019 Episode 8: Kristina Santiago and Existing Brightly


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Oh friends, are you in for a treat today! On the pod is Kristina Santiago- FIRE behind Exist Brightly which is a brand that helps women to step into, discover, and create what feels sacred to them!

We went all the which way in this conversation, and the one thing I KNOW you will feel the whole way too is, “WOW… this is so RELATEABLE”. Kristina did a brilliant job of answering my questions on what what ritual actually is and how to bring it into our lives when we feel like we literally have no time.

We talked about the Divine Feminine and what it means to witness her rising in all of us.

We talked about the Moon Cycle and how to first, know how to uncover your dreams, then step into those dreams, and even more importantly still, how to RELEASE EXPECTATION when the thing that you THOUGHT you really wanted doesn’t happen (leaving space for the Universe to bring you something even better).

This is a conversation I think any woman who is ready to exist more brightly in her sacred life (but has not freaking clue where to start!!) needs to listen to!

Make sure you connect with Kristina after listening to this- tag us both on social media- and check her out at www.existbrightlyofficial.com and @exist_brightly on IG!

Enjoy and Rise!

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