A Morpheus Soul Rapport 074: Vincenzo Coccotti


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"You're a cantaloupe." On episode SEVENTY FOUR of A Morpheus Soul Rapport you will be listening to an incredibly dope line up of timeless hip-hop music featuring the Supa-Dope Art of Napoleon Da Legend, Black Earth (Kaimbr x Howard B Knoxz), Norm Regular, Scvtterbrvin, GF Anon, Black Geez x Eto, Milano Constantine, Little Vic, Gee Bag, Westside Gunn, Rome Streetz, Dough Networkz & DJ Shay, WateRR x K Sluggah, Iron Wigs, Frank D'amato, Ronnie Alpha, Quelle Chris & Chris Keys, Sam Krats, Monday Night x Foisey, Skyzoo, Umse x Nottz, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist, Rahiem Supreme, YL, Iceberg Theory & August Fanon, Slik Jack, Chris Crack, Maf, Awon & Gorilla Glock, Family Gang Black, The Good People, Sonnyjim x Illinformed, Chuck N Lock, Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas, Big Kahuna OG & Sycho Sid, theWHOevers, Ankhlejohn and AJ Suede. Please Feel Free to Share & Spread The Joy. Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Track-Listing: Monday Night x Foisey - Formation (Holly Favored) Napoleon Da Legend featuring Giallo Point - Champs Elysees / Pernell Whitaker (Charles De Gaulle) Black Earth (Kaimbr x Howard B Knoxz) - Red Carpet (Blunt Force Trauma) GF Anon - Samo's Loop [Produced By GFA] (Canvas Of A Radiant Child) Iron Wigs (Vic Spencer, Verbal Kent & Sonnyjim) - The Best Cheese [Produced By Sonnyjim] (Your Birthday's Cancelled) Black Geez x Eto featuring Flee Lord - Glock Chester (Flour City Street Bible Chapter 2) Norm Regular featuring Vic Spencer - New Rolex [Produced By Revenxnt] (The Regular Show) Milano Constantine featuring Smoke DZA - Winston Wolf (Winston Wolf) Scvtterbrvin - 619 Degreez (Grand Theft Audio Volume 4) Little Vic - Billy Cutolo [Produced By 88-Keys] (Dirty Laundry 2: Skipper) Rome Streetz - Toxic [Produced By DJ Skizz] (Noise Kandy 4) AJ Suede - Ten Times Ten Plus (Long May We Rain) Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Baby $hit (Alfredo) Dough Networkz & DJ Shay featuring Chuuwee & Cyph - Gohan (Wolf Pack Vol.1) Westside Gunn - Ver​$​ace [Produced By Jay Versace] (Pray For Paris) Iron Wigs (Vic Spencer, Verbal Kent & Sonnyjim) - Rags To Riches [Produced By Sonnyjim] (Your Birthday's Cancelled) WateRR x K Sluggah - Forgive & Let Go (On My Square) Frank D'amato - LeafyWonder [Produced By Synato Watts] (BiG NOTHiNG) Ronnie Alpha - 88 Chains (6.14) theWHOevers featuring Chris $pencer - You're My Boy Blue (Rare Tape) Quelle Chris & Chris Keys featuring MosEL & Nelson Bandela - Black Twitter (Innocent Country 2) Recognize Ali featuring Hus Kingpin - City Of Gods [Produced By Sultan Mir] (Best Of Rec Ali Vol. 1) Gee Bag x Illinformed - I Can Be [Sam Krats Remix] (I Can Be) Monday Night x Foisey - Another Victim (Holly Favored) Skyzoo featuring Ashtin Martin - Duffle Bag Weekends [Produced By Tuamie] (Milestones) Umse x Nottz - Ansonsten Alles Gut (Uno) Rahiem Supreme - Driven Out [Produced By Panels] (The Pretty Prada Papi) Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist featuring Rick Ross - Scottie Beam (Alfredo) YL - Statue [Produced By Ewonee] (Days Run Away) Iceberg Theory & August Fanon - Julian Of Norwich (Serapeum: The Daughter Library) Slik Jack featuring Vic Monroe - XL Coffee [Produced By Sqreeb] (East$ide Wolf) Chris Crack featuring Philmore Greene, Ugly Boy Modeling & Weasel Sims - Pistol In The Car [Produced By Dr Quinn] (Cute Boys: The Rise Of Lil Delicious) AJ Suede - The Plane (Long May We Rain) Maf - Pearly Gates (Summertime Fine) (Collection Plate) Awon & Gorilla Glock - Atmos Safari (Hamptons: A Musical Massage) Family Gang Black - Ventilation (Ventilation) The Good People featuring Cella Dwellas - This Far [Marxman Remix] (Good For Nuthin' - TradeMarkz Remixes) Sonnyjim x Illinformed - The Callaloo Boxcutter (The Chemistry Must Be Respected) Chuck N Lock - Cloud Cover [Produced By Widowmaker] (See Enelle + Bonus Tracks) Ankhlejohn - Blackout Tuesday [Produced By Nicholas Craven] (The New Militia) Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas featuring SmooVth & Marvalyss - Brandish Fire Arms (Guerilla Dynasty) Big Kahuna OG & Sycho Sid featuring 3WaySlim - Cross Country Pimpin' Vol. 3 (Holly Block Huna) Peace, Love and Music.

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