214: The Murder of William Cantilupe in Medieval England w/ Melissa Julian-Jones - A True Crime History Podcast


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We're back again to the Hundred Years War in this episode of Most Notorious - this time in England. Sir William Cantilupe, a battle-hardened knight who had recently been acquitted of murdering his brother Nicholas, was discovered dead in a lonely field in May of 1375, in what appeared to be a staged crime scene.
And it was his wife Maude and their household staff whom authorities would soon accuse of committing the horrific deed.
My guest is Melissa Julian-Jones, author of "Murder During the Hundred Year War: The Curious Case of William Cantilupe". She talks about the dark and dramatic family tale, and offers some theories on why William Cantilupe might have been targeted for murder.
Her blog: https://melissajulianjones.wordpress.com/
Her book https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/Murder-During-the-Hundred-Years-War-Hardback/p/18027
Her class: Romancing the Gothic: https://romancingthegothic.com/

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