Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 433


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Christine Lavin /Cary, Esther,Tom Cruise /single

Tim Henderson/Jesus Would Have Loved El Paso/Among The Best

Cej/Bluebird Dosido/Adobe Road

Red Molly/Alabama/One For All And All For One

The Rough & Tumble/High Fly (Didn't I Wait?)/Howling Back at the Wounded Dog

Brandi Carlile/The Mother/By The Way, I Forgive You

Jessica Heine/I Wasn't Here/Goodbye Party

Dean Rochester/Do You Remember/Dean-O

Louisa Branscomb/Gone/ Gonna Love Anyway

Chris & Adam Carroll/Hi-Fi Love/Good Farmer

Rich Krueger/Elizabeth/Nowthen

Joe Crookston/ Blue Tattoo/Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Bill Scorzari/New Mexico (I To Mine)/Now I'm Free

Josie Bello/Keep It In The Middle/Can't Go Home

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